Disturbing Footage Shows Distressed Female Orca Banging Head Against Her Tank


Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project recently released disturbing footage of what appears to be Morgan, an orca living in captivity at Loro Parque. Loro Parque is an aquatic park located in the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain.

This video was released after SeaWorld’s announcement that it will be ending its breeding programs at its American parks.  For many this is not good enough. Many animal rights groups are , and demanding that SeaWorld claim responsibility for its animals that live outside of North America as well.

The Free Morgan Foundation is pressuring Sea World to rectify Morgan’s situation after viewing the treatment she has received at Loro Parque. Below are a few of their observations of Mogran:

“Since her transfer she has been brutally and continually attacked and is subjected to excessive sexual pressure from a male orca who she is often locked into the same tank with,” cites an observation of Morgan done by the foundation over 77 hours and 16 minutes.

The observations adds, “Morgan, was attacked, on average, more than once an hour. The other study recorded an aggressive episode only once every 234 hours … This does not include the damage she has self-inflicted from abnormal and repetitive behaviors such as banging her head on the concrete tanks. Additionally, Morgan is wearing her teeth down from chewing on the concrete. Teeth wear in captive orca often leads to infections.”

Another animal rights group, The Dolphin Project claims it also has footage that shows the orca held inside a small medical pool, exhibiting this same behavior as she tries to escape the enclosure she shares with another orca. She repeatedly bangs her head against the gate, aggressively trying to free herself.